Great news for nightmare, plus new releases

Nightmare’s September 23’rd performance at Budokan has sold out!! 

The boys are also releasing a live DVD titled Tour 2007 the WORLD Ruler on Sept 12.

The last two days have seen at least 6 new releases (probably more, but I only paid attention to six :D).  I’ve listened to all but one so far, and only one was disappointing.  I’m  not sure yet if I’ll be adding all 6 to this week’s rotation or not…that would make it huge,wouldn’t it?

The one’s I’ve heard:

Girugamesh:  Reason Of Crying
Exist Trace:  liquid
D – Ouka Saki Some ni Keri
Miyavi:  7 Samurai Sessions – We’re KAVKI BOIZ-
Vidoll:  Cloud

 The one I’m waiting patiently for:

 Phantasmagoria:  Kami Uta

Rotation should be up Friday or Saturday 😀 


~ by Samehada on July 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “Great news for nightmare, plus new releases”

  1. Sounds hawt.

  2. Oooooh I must listen to Miyavi, despite that creepy dream, hm, I wonder why I have a feeling he may have been the disappoinment…If it wasn’t him maybe it was D.

    Balls, I wish you were online. 😆

    Oh yeah, I felt like such a proud mother when I read about Nightmare…

  3. There is a lack of sausage here. XD

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