The Fangirl Theory

Jrock Love children

Miku + Teruki = Takuya

Not the best pictures to show why Takuya is their love child, but I couldn’t find the picture I saw before.

Aoi + Miyavi = Kanon

I must say that this is the best family yet.

Mana + Gackt = Juka

Such a closely knit family, same styles, same poses, how sweet! 😛

Kyo + Ruki = Satoshi

Satoshi has his daddy’s scary eyes, and facial expression, and has his, er, Ruki-san please forgive me, mommy’s hair, and similar facial structure. Such an interesting love child. (^___^)

Uruha + Lottery = Clone…Nagi

Although, I think Ruki may have “tampered” with the genetic data…Ooooooh scandalous!

A blogger recently linked us, I think on something called multiply.
Sooooooo, if they ever look here again I will answer a few things.

1. Satoshi is the vocalist of girugamesh.

2. Apparently Urupon once said that if he won the lottery he would clone himself. The quote, “Ooooooh scandalous!” comes from a crack fanfiction in which Uruha does clone himself, and, might I add, acts rather fruity, if you get what I mean. XD

3. Nagi is from Viored, I believe, and looks quite similar to Uruha, so, I thought he would work well as Uruha’s clone.


~ by jrockadmin on July 17, 2007.

28 Responses to “The Fangirl Theory”

  1. Miku + Teruki = Takuya
    ~ Awww.

    Aoi + Miyavi = Kanon
    ~ :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P

    Mana + Gackt = Juka
    ~ The ‘I’m bored’ look seems to run in the family.

    BTW the spacing is so out of whack. If people can’t figure out person + person without the huge space, then they are idiots.

  2. The spacing is intentionally like that.
    Each name goes above the person it belongs to, the + and = go somewhere in between.

    I still can’t remember who goes with Ruki.. (>__<)
    I’ll probably end up dreaming about it until I figure out. 😆

  3. *points and laughs*

  4. Omg…lol I had never thought of Satoshi that way…I might never look at him the same way again!

  5. lol thats funny

  6. Miku looks so motherly in that piccie XD

  7. Well, in that case, he’s definitely a MILF. 😆

  8. This is hilarious!

  9. oohhh wow i love the uruha one both of them look so much alike so kewl
    please make more!

  10. We’ll try to keep them coming!

  11. Oh wow, people actually like this?

    I did it purely to keep myself entertained!

    I’ll try to find a few more love children before I go on “vacation”
    I have one in mind right now…I just need to find one more parent.

  12. I’m confused. Who is this Lottery, um… “person” (for lack of a better word)?

    It’s eerie how Satoshi looks like he could actually be the love child of Kyo and Ruki.

    Considering how cute Takuya looks in the pic you found, I wonder how cute she is in the pic you were originally looking for.

    Have fun being on vacation, and come back in one piece. Okay? 😛

  13. Chimera… those are all guys XD

  14. bwahahahhahaha THIS IS SO GREAT XD

    hhahahhhahahhaa I wanna snag this for future laughingstock XD

  15. Just credit us. =]

  16. OMG! I werent the only one that had seen the Aoi x Miyavi = Kanon! O______Ö! COOL!

    Great site! ❤

  17. They really do look like a family, it’s kind of strange.

    Thank you! ❤

  18. OMG I LOVE IT!! ^^ i like the idea ofr Kyo and Ruki having Satoshi as there love child!! XD it made me happy!! i never thought about Aoi and Miyavi having Kanon!! now that i look at it, they do look a lot a like!!

  19. Kyo and Ruki raised a monster that everyone loves. XD

  20. wah, this made a nyappy day even better. ^.^ too funny!

  21. I’m glad people still find it amusing. ^^

  22. Hahaha.
    Aoi, Miyavi & Kanon all have the same style of lip piercings.

  23. Although, Aoi has taken his piercing out, not sure if it’s just for their new look or not…

  24. That’s hilarious i think it’s adorable the whole miku+teruki=takuya thing make up some more there so kawaii

  25. Kyo is also definately Mao’s daddy ^^

  26. Mao and Satoshi awww Ruki-san had twins!! XDDD

  27. I was thinking that too! What a happy… um, rather, angsty, family ^ v ^

  28. Wahaha I love the Aoi + Miyavi= Kanon! I’ve always thought that Kanon and Aoi looked a lot alike, they could’ve been brothers 0.o but to add Miyavi to that mix is just genius 😉
    Though it is kind scary how Satoshi really does look like a mix between Ruki and Kyo o.0

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