Download warning to the J Music Community!

Media Defender, a notorious anti piracy gang working for the MPAA, RIAA and several independent media production companies, just launched their very own video upload service called “”. The sole purpose of the site is to trap people into uploading copyrighted material, and bust them for doing so.Media Defender is known for their shady tactics. Besides launching video upload services, they also trap people into downloading fake torrents so they can collect IP addresses, and send copyright infringement letters to ISPs.

Fortunately, most of the IPs of these fake BitTorrent trackers are already blocked by blocklist software like PeerGuardian. However, they still manage to collect the IP addresses of thousands of users who do fall for this trap.

And Now they try to do the same with their “fake” video download service. They have registered a new domain and launched a video upload / download site with a web 2.0-ish name: Miivi claims to offer hight speed downloads of blockbuster movies like “300” (don’t download), hereby luring people into downloading copyrighted content.

Apparently the cease and desist letters they send to P2P users and video sharing sites like YouTube and other are not enough. At the bottom of this article is a screenshot of the WHOIS info, it speaks for itself. No matter how wrong ‘piracy’ might seem to some people, this is NOT the way to fight it.

Batsu forum, many thanks (click to view topic)


~ by Raelynn on July 17, 2007.

12 Responses to “Download warning to the J Music Community!”

  1. Jesus, really, thanks for the heads up, thanks to Batsu too…

    I’m glad I haven’t stumbled across that site yet, or rather, I hope I haven’t.
    I’ve only downloaded from sites like Megaupload and Sendspace, and that rapid something or other that scans for viruses…

    Just because some people download doesn’t mean they don’t plan on buying whatever they are downloading.
    I mean, come on, right now I plan on buying STACKED RUBBISH, and Kakusei Heroism -The Hero Without A “Name”- all I have to do is order it…. And yeah, I downloaded them from the internet first, for free. (u___u*)

    Oh, this just hit me, what if you were tricked into clicking something that had nothing to do with downloads and managed to get there?
    I’ve had stuff like that happen to me before, except, it was a disgusting porno site they took me to…. Thank the stars it wasn’t a site that likes to sue people.

  2. ill have to limit my sister’s access to utorrent again. knowing her she’d download something from there and get us in shit.

    thanks for the heads up.

  3. Welcome.

    That’s just sad a hell sueing people for piracy that way when they are the ones being shady.

  4. Yeah, I agree.

    I’m glad I don’t ordinarily use bittorrent downloaders.

  5. lol i don’t even download from torrents heck I don’t download music that much anymore but that’s not right it’s kind of an invaison of privicy

  6. @malice14

    yeah…it kinda is. I mean they’re treating music piracy like terrorism…
    the fact still remains that if they didnt over-price the stuff, people wouldnt have to resort to piracy. you should take a look at the pro-piracy group; “downhill battle”

    but yeah, I dont download much music myself. mostly anime …my sister is the music downloader now…thankfully she gets most of it from file-sharing sites, linked through blogs.

  7. …Only 5-10% goes to the musicians?!

    ….I suddenly feel like I’ve wasted money, I would be better off saving a couple hundred just so I could give it to them myself if/when I saw them at one of their gigs/concerts, that would be a hell of a lot better than buying an album that doesn’t give them much. :/

  8. This is why I only buy certain artists music, or buy at a concert etc.

  9. HA! I KNEW it was a good thing I don’t use torrents!!
    Gawd. What IS their policy on downloading FOREIGN music?? It’s not like I’m trying to steal from Kelly Clarkson or something, especially if I buy it later. I heard about a girl that lives close to a police station and thinks her computer is monitored, but they haven’t bothered to bust her b/c it’s all foreign. I stopped using Limewire for anime music when I heard they were busting people, anyway, tho.
    I’d seriously like to know if they’re just going after American copyrighted stuff. Is the copyright thing in Japan even the same as here?
    And American stuff? Use iTunes. It’s just that easy.

  10. Thanks for the head up!

  11. Welcome =D

  12. OK, that miivi thing just cries out “Sue me!” like nothing else. So they’re either claiming to offer or actually offering copyrighted materials? Send them cease-and-desist letters until they’re buried in it!

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