The blog has absolutely no Kpop or Cpop. We have Jpop with Gackt, Hyde and Leyona, but this starts off our expansion to the works of Korean and Chinese pop music. So I’ll start off with an audio that our little band aide sent me.


Se7en is a South Korean pop artist under the label YG Entertainment. He has done Japanese and Korean singles and albums as well as movie roles, choreography as well as several TV appearances.

Wiki on Se7en

Official Site (Korean)

Japanese Version

Song of Athletics.mp3 download
Get Up And Dance
Riiiiiight, little, and how short are you?

~ by Raelynn on July 15, 2007.

9 Responses to “Se7en”

  1. I’m 5’4″ 😆

  2. I do believe I am about 5’6″

    Hey Stumpy.

    By the way, once we get a wider variety in Asian music I guess I’ll write up profiles for them too…Always keep your eyes on the Band Profiles page!

    [obviously aimed at visitors, not you, Rae.]

  3. Yeah I know. I meant you are little in terms of age my dear XP.

  4. I know, but I had to throw your shrimpiness into this.

    I’m not that much younger, well, not that much younger than you, it’s not much longer until I’m 17. >__>

    Damn it, stop stealing my page’s thunder. 😆

  5. haha nevar! 😛

  6. i’ve hread of him before but never really hread his music

  7. Download any of it?

  8. okay

  9. You might like it. 🙂

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