July Song Review

Se7en – Song of Athletics

For Korean pop, Se7en sounds like the Korean/Japanese version of Justin Timberlake. I can thank that Jrock sexy back fanvid on youtube for that description. It seems like the more music I listen to of J, K or C music the more I notice the English present in the songs. Its a soft toned song, I find it great for relaxing.

Gackt – Luna

I don’t really like jpop, I’m not a fan of the music, but Luna from Gackt starts off catchy and continues to follow through. The only thing that throws me off is the “yell” around 0:30 seconds. I know Gackt did the vocals for Malice Mizer, but that ‘BAAAH’ or whatever it is just doesn’t suit him in this song.

Dir en Grey – The IIID Empire

The CD of Withering to Death that I have also came with a DVD. And on the DVD is several videos like Machiavellism, The Final, Mercyless Cult(live) and Saku. It also has clips from The Tour of Vulgar[ism]. I love the live version of IIID Empire, and the studio recording it just as good.

D’espairsRay – ero:de

This song actually made me wonder ‘wtf’ in the beginning. I heard Hizumi’s voice and whatever he says in the beginning was a bit odd to say the least, but it soon follows DesRay’s normal sound from there on. I see why the meaning of DespairsRay is what it is in this song, its sort of dark in the fact that you don’t know what’s going on in the beginning and then its all “explained” to you as the song goes on.

Nightmare – Mahora

I like this song be Nightmare. Its comforting, even though I haven’t looked up the lyrics yet. It sounds like one of those early 90’s soundtracks in movies where you see some romantic scene going on. Yomi’s vocals are great, he really works it smoothly from beginning to end. Imagine if Yomi was Jpop star and not Jrock :o.


~ by Raelynn on July 15, 2007.

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