Happy Birthday Chiba/Yomi!

Technically it’s not the 14th of July where I am at,
but the blog says it is.

Happy birthday Yomi of Nightmare/Chiba of Sendai Kamotsu!

Have a brilliant time!

Yes, I’ve been looking forward to this birthday [shut up, he’s cute],
and yes, for those of you that didn’t know,
Yomi and Chiba are the same person.
Make-up is amazing. 😆


~ by jrockadmin on July 14, 2007.

8 Responses to “Happy Birthday Chiba/Yomi!”

  1. Happy Birthday pervy vocalist!

  2. Are those hats I see? 😮

    Fufufufufu. He’s so cute. Even if he is a perv.

  3. I don’t think what Chiba is wear is a hat. o.O Baby bonnet XD

  4. Rae, if I consider kitty ears a hat, that thing on Chiba’s head is considered a hat too. 😆

  5. Curse your hat fetish!

  6. I love Yomi! So happy birthday to him! How is he a perv? sorry haven’t read indepth on NIghtmare and Him yet…xD

  7. You need to look up “hand elephants” and “nightmare” on youtube.
    Perverted Yomi.

    Also try looking for their pantsu clip.

    Oh, and look up any Sendai Kamotsu video.

    Yomi is a complete pervert.

  8. http://jp.youtube.com/user/Tamakakun

    pls comment!

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