Nega News


One of Nega’s two guitarists, Kouki, is leaving the band. On their OHP it says due to “family circumstances”. The band plans to continue on as a four piece for now.

Another band line up change.

I hope the get through this and continue to make great music.


~ by Samehada on July 9, 2007.

10 Responses to “Nega News”

  1. “Family Circumstances”? o.O

  2. maybe a death or something like that

  3. Might’ve been. Best wishes to him though.

  4. Yeah, best of wishes.

    It sucks, it seems like one person is leaving, or planning to leave each band this year.

  5. Maybe they are planning a super group behind us 😮

  6. …I only need one super group, k, thanks.

    More than one is just too much.

  7. i heard of them 2 days ago i started liking them and the songs i’m into is abase,and utsu those 2 songs rulez! luv u guys

  8. i totally luv this jrock group and i started listening listening 2 them 2 days ago and my fav songs is abase,and utsu. luv u guys

  9. I LOVE Nega. I hate that he had to leave. Anyways, I hope it was nothing bad.

  10. it’s very sad to hear it

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