Happy Birthday Sugizo!

When will the birthdays end? 😆
Anywho, to keep up the birthday hat pictures
I found one of Sugizo wearing a hat, yeah,
I was that lucky to actually find a hat on him

Happy Birthday, may your day be full of smiles, Sugizo!
Best wishes from the three of us. 😀


Another little Band Profile update:
I’ve been distracted byThe GazettE,
I apologise for all delays.
With each new band profile I’ll upload two
of the band’s songs for sampling purposes only,
I would appreciate it if you deleted them after 72 hours maximum.
If you like what you hear please support the band by buying their music.


~ by jrockadmin on July 8, 2007.

16 Responses to “Happy Birthday Sugizo!”

  1. …I didn’t know Sugizo had a pimp hat.

    …He’s still the walking porn though 😀

  2. so the hat fad continues

  3. It will continue until I get to a person that refused to take any hat pictures……………….note: I consider kitty ears a hat. 😆

  4. Porn pimp hat.

  5. lol pimp hat so where are his girls at

  6. Kya, I wanna see the pimp cane.

  7. *caption* Where’s my money!?

  8. Where’s my money *insert alot of bad words*


  9. I think the “pimp cane” has more than one use. 😛

  10. *nudges jenn* shhh 😛

  11. I neva said nuttin’ 😛

    …Sorry Sugizo.

  12. The porno is getting old =O

  13. He’ll only get old once he acts old…

  14. Then Miyavi must be 5 years old. 😆

  15. I didn’t go around kissing, and other such fanservice-y acts when I was 5….12 years later, still don’t do that.

  16. 😆 I bet you Miyavi was a stud muffin XD

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