Top 400 Update

Just a little under two weeks left to vote! Here are the current standings…

#9 Dir en Grey

#18 Gazette

#30 GacktJOB

#51 L’arc~en~Ciel

#54 Alice Nine

#77 D’espairs Ray

#88 MUCC

#93 Nightmare

#97 Hyde

#98 Moi Dix Mois

#127 Ayabie

#138 Malice Mizer

#142 X Japan

#152 12012

#201 Merry

#219 SID

#221 hide With Spread Beaver

#235 Asian Kung-Fu Generation

#257 Kagerou

As you can see there’s been a bunch of movement today, most of it not good 😀 I was pleased to see that L’arc has been added, and at a very high place!

Keep voting guys!!


~ by Samehada on July 7, 2007.

8 Responses to “Top 400 Update”

  1. Come on guys! Now Diru is losing to the Backstreet Boys, yes, sadly enough they are.

    Don’t forget to vote every day! We have to make sure that JRock is indeed a [known] major success outside of Japan.
    [Yes, I want more Japanese albums released in America….shuddap 😆 ]

  2. Keep going, we have until the 20th!

  3. i seriously had to headdesk to backstreet boys beating dir en grey. cmon vote people! ganbare!

  4. DO EEET!!

  5. How and where do you vote? I will vote for the Japanese groups if I can find the site. Trudy


    Click the band you want to vote, there should be a reguster button > click and register > login (there might be an email I forget) > click the band you want to vote for > click vote this band > done.

  7. I would have expected laruku to be higher really…I mean, what with the anime fandom pushing them a bit…

  8. The fandoms need to continue pushing the band forward.

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