Happy Birthday Gara!

Lots of birthdays this month, from yesterday’s Shou and Kannon, we now have Gara of Merry.

Happy Birthday Gara!

Take more caution when stripping on stage. XP



~ by Raelynn on July 6, 2007.

9 Responses to “Happy Birthday Gara!”

  1. There seems to be a hat fad starting here. 😆

  2. I started it! 😆

    But only because it made Kanon&Shou go well together. 😛

  3. So does this mean for Sugizo’s birthday, you’re going to photoshop a hat to his head? XD

  4. yeah the hat fad has started

  5. XD w00t! Hat fad.

  6. I may just find a hat on Sugizo…I seem to have luck finding pictures I want.

  7. Who’s after Sugizo in the birthdays? I wanna see how long this fad lasts.

  8. Yay for Gara!! He’s 30 this year I do believe…or 29…I can’t remember if he’s a year older then me or not.

  9. 😮 Sammeh… got a boyfriend. XD

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