Lokisa Update

NOTE: Forgive the misaligned text, the blog is glitching again, and isn’t reading the code. Rae or Sammeh, if you can please fix it, I’m far too tired to keep trying.


Lolita Kisama has sent another update email for us, but before that, the bracelets from the previous update are now available.
Here are a few cosplay sets to lay your eyes on, along with a few more braclets.

“Angelic Cutie”

Antique Lolita

“Aoi Tsuki”

“Bara No Konrei”

“Dark Lavendula”

“Death Kiss”

EGL Cosplay “Alice Kiss”

Make sure to check out Lokisa for the rest of the cosplay sets!

Hapy Cute Bracelets, also in white and yellow.

Net hands, rosa pair

On another note, everyone that is clicking to view the Band Profiles page, please be patient, I am doing the best I can to complete each profile to a decent standard.
I should have another profile up by the end of today, it depends on if I am satisfied with what I have written.

Thank you.

~ by jrockadmin on July 4, 2007.

3 Responses to “Lokisa Update”

  1. Fixed the align error. I had to move it down. =/

  2. Thanks, I tried a few times, but it kept going back, I started getting all grumpy due to being up at the asscrack of dawn.

  3. 😆 Next time it does that just save it as a draft with the title of ‘Error, Someone Fix’ and Me or Sammeh will probably see it in the queue.

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