Midwest and East Coast Petition

The west coast of the US seems to be very popular, leaving much of the rest of the United States (and Canada at times) ignored by J-Music bands. Want Jrock in your area and you live within the midwest and east coast?

Sign the petition

Jrock Midwest Myspace


~ by Raelynn on July 3, 2007.

12 Responses to “Midwest and East Coast Petition”

  1. Nuuu, don’t steal the gigs I get just because I live on the West Coast! 😆

  2. Shut it Cali priss miss. 😛

  3. Just because you’re jealous that Yoshiki lives a few hours away from me doesn’t mean you have to steal my funderful Jgigs. 😛

  4. okay yay i signed already as soon as i found this on the web and i was surprised to see that some Cali people actually signed this at least i know who wants to share the J-love

  5. lol i’m sig #206 on this

  6. Jenn, Imma keel you and take all ur monies k.

    Malice14, ^^ gald to help.

  7. Screw ya kindly, Rae, all the money I have is that $100 dollar bill from Diru’s roadie.. I’ll keel you if you even try.

    I signed it under a faux name for the hell of it. 😀

  8. btw I saw that thing you said about Nero missy. He is not a crack whore k.

  9. He isn’t a crack whore, but a lot of his pictures sure do make him look like one.

    No offense to Nero, or anything.

  10. Pssh, that’s Gara love, not Nero.

  11. I thought Gara was much more attractive, or rather, less crack whore looking. I guess it’s just the look on his face, in his eyes.

    Anywho, East Coastians, I will kick your asses if you don’t enjoy the JBands that’ll eventually tour near you, I could’ve been having a bloody brilliant time watching the band that made less stops in Cali for you lot.

  12. Jenn, don’t make me get my Nero icon on msn.

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