Mark your calendar

July 4th:

CD Release: Kirito, the GazettE

Birthdays: Gackt

July 5th:

Birthday: Kannon, Shou

July 6th:

Birthday: Gara

July 7th:

Staff birthday: Rae

July 8th:

Birthday: Sugizo

 July 11th:

CD Release: Duel Jewel

Birthday: Takeo

July 12th:

Birthday: Taiji, Shizumi

July 13th:

Birthday: Ni

July 14th:

Birthday: Yomi

July 15th:

Forum member birthday: Myst

July 17th:

CD Release: Exist Trace

July 18th:

CD Release: D, Phantasmorgia, Miyavi, Vidoll, Girugamesh.

July 23rd:

Birthday: Wataru

July 26th:

CD Release: Nega

July 28th:

NoGoD announces new guitarist.

July 30th:

Birthday: Daisuke

July 31st:

Birthday: Zero, Nao 


Remember to mark your calendar and check here for links for the birthdays and music for the bands. 🙂


~ by Raelynn on July 3, 2007.

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