Dir En Grey July 1

Ok, before I go into my little reliving of the moment/barely a review, let me just say that being sleep deprived from excitement for weeks, and waiting in line hours before the gate even opened was more than worth it. A little note, I’m going to do this in as much detail as possible, this is a very good way to remind me that it actually happened. 😀The Fall of Troy vocalist stops screeching to inform us that Dir En Grey would be up on stage right after their song. They did 3 or 4 mock endings to tease the crowd before finally leaving, to be honest they were really bad. It’s pretty sad when you can understand a screaming and growling Japanese man when he’s singing in English, yet you don’t even understand a single word when an American sings in English. Once they were off stage I squeezed right in front, with a speaker next to me, I was on the left side leaning over the metal barrier. “DIR EN GREY! DIR EN GREY!” Was chanted until G.D.S started playing, which everyone went nuts over, dancing, with me shouting “Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!” at the top of my lungs. The moment finally came, Shinya’s head was visible just over his drum set, I’ve never heard so many girls screaming in unison before…I, of course, was screaming too, with my rock horns in the air, and the occasional “aishiteruuuuuuu!” Kaoru, Toshiya, Die, and lastly, as usual, Kyo, with the unbuttoned jacket I’m sure many fangirls are so fond of, walk on stage.

Microphone in hand, Kyo slowly brought it down to his lips, a beautiful growling shout emerged, signalling the very first song to be played tonight, my current favorite from Marrow, “Repetition of Hatred.” Before the song even ended, Kyo had managed to make his jacket ride aaaaall the way up, to the point that he might as well have been topless. The warm up song generally is the worst, but I was so amazed, it was ace, awesome…… Shinya is my favorite, but I was transfixed with Kaoru and Toshiya, every now and then Kyo’s flailing. Kaoru and Toshiya really were active, it was impossible to tear my eyes from them. I might as well list the songs I remember, I’m having too much fun remembering and writing about what they were doing, I know I won’t mention the songs much. Not in order played, but what I remember, “The Deeper Vileness,” “The 3D Empire,” “Merciless Cult,” “The Final,” “Grief,” “Disabled Compexes,” “The Pledge,” maybe “Conceived Sorrow,” and I think “Ryoujoku No Ame.” For now that is all I remember, the others I think were played aren’t definite, being right next to the speaker cocked up my hearing really quick.The handful of songs played right after “Repetition of Hatred” were ones I also knew the lyrics to well, it sucked though, I turned to see if anyone else was singing along with Kyo, but everyone I looked at was too busy getting stoned, or head banging. It makes me wonder if that’s why Kaoru looked at me, and smiled on one
occasion…Well, if it wasn’t a smile it was pretty damn close, very cocky too, which was so adorable.

If I remember correctly, during the”The 3D Empire” [I think that is when] Kyo finally lost the jacket, I am not too sure, one second it was on, I turned to cheer on Kaoru as he was begging for fans to boost his ego, when I looked back he was shirtless, with super stiff man nipples. I don’t know why I noticed, but they just popped out.

Sammeh told me about Kyo’s transition singing to another song, if I thought it was going to be that beautiful [even Dad agreed that he had an amazing voice after hearing Kyo do that] I would’ve made sure that the camera wouldn’t malfunction like it did, Kyo’s voice made me tear up, it was so pure, such talent is to die for.

Through out the gig Kyo was his usual self, minus the mutilation, which made me happy, I think I would’ve cried in sorrow if I saw him harm himself. He did wrap one arm around his torso in an almost sensual way, while swaying his hips, on the high point of the song he whipped his arm back around to it’s normal position, leaving three red scratches along his waist. On certain songs, the more tragic sounding, he would slump to the floor, and on songs with the constant heavy beat he did what I think of as his trade mark “dance moves,” bent over, feet stomping, arms flailing, and him spinning. I think the crowd pissed him off, he was withdrawn a lot of the time, especially when they wouldn’t stfu during his little vocal moments.

Die withdrew into himself, it made me quite sad, I wonder what is wrong. Shinya was obviously bashing his drums, he has no freedom to move around.

Kaoru at times was so absorbed into the music, but half way through their stage time he really opened up and started battling Toshiya for attention. It was so much fun, Toshiya would fling his arms into the air, with the “you know you love me, cheer me on” cocky expression on his face, everyone would scream and shout, Kaoru would look up at us in front of him and notice our attention was diverted, and would do something to bring the attention back. In the end both Toshiya and Kaoru were on the very edge [another inch or two and they would have fallen off] of the stage in front of us, giving their all. We, the crowd, were so loud towards both of them that they eventually went back to position with what appeared to be very smug looks. Something tells me it was just an act, yet another tells me they were doing it for fun, I loved it.

Not only that, but when I left the Auditorium after Diru ended I saw Die, standing outside by their bus. I walked calmly over to the bus, and one of the roadies came over, I asked if I could thank Die for the amazing concert, he said no because Die was trying to calm down, so I ended up thanking the roadie, told him it was such an honor to be able to see Dir En Grey live, and that their music is so beautiful. He wondered why I was leaving, I told him I came purely for Dir En Grey, he saw that I had no band merchandise with me, and also asked about that. The third best moment in my life happened, he went into Diru’s bus, and came back out with one of Toshiya’s picks for me. 😀 Upon closer inspection it’s edges are slightly worn, and there are the typical used scratches, if I am right in assuming so, Toshiya has played with this pick. Not only did he give me Toshiya’s pick, but he gave me $100 dollars so I could re-enter the Auditorium to meet Toshiya [which I missed, because the ticket booth was so slow] and to buy their album with the change. Well, I still have the $100 bill, when I went back out to the buses to try to find him to give it back he was gone, unfortunately. If Dad lets me keep the bill, when I next see Diru live, I will do my best to return the money, despite the fact that money isn’t an issue…I have to give it back. I have a feeling the roadie did it to get rid of me, rather than out of being nice, but let me keep my little special stuffs.

The second best moment was when that roadie was in the bus getting a pick, Die turned around, and looked at me, I snuck in a quick, probably poorly pronounced “arigatou” and a smile, he nodded, if he did anything else I missed it, I looked away quickly from embarrassment. I was only two to four feet away from him max. I wanted to hug him so badly, but I’m a good fangirl 😆 .

Yes, the roadie’s money is important enough to take a picture of when the camera started working, sorry I have none of the actual gig, it makes me so sad. Next time I’ll make sure to have a back up plan.
Everything was so perfect, even when Kyo’s voice cracked a few times, seeing and hearing them perform live is so much better than listening to an album. They really shine when performing, they were so great I had to bat away a few tears of joy when watching/listening.

Whether it is a small, or large venue they are
playing at, whether you are at the front of the crowd, or back, it is worth every penny, and every uncontrollable nerve. Dir En Grey is a must see band. If you love Diru now, just wait until you see them live, that love will pale in comparison after you’ve seen them. The energy, the adrenaline rush, the bloody brilliant music, nothing will be able to make me forget this sweet memory.



~ by jrockadmin on July 2, 2007.

13 Responses to “Dir En Grey July 1”

  1. Damn you.

  2. 😀 Come on Rae, you need to see them, me and Sammeh have, c’mon… *pokes fun* 😛

  3. You keep poking and I’ll break your finger and steal the Toshiya pick.

  4. Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

    Kao-butt was so cute, and no I’m not poking fun this time, I wanted to pet his pretty hair 😆 . They all look so great when they look normal..

  5. Kao-butt is always cute. Whatchootalkingaboot?!

  6. OMG!!! LUCKY!! no ever comes to Iowa for concerts T_T

  7. Shinya is cuter. 😀

    Start an online petition and send it to their myspazz when it has quite a few votes?

  8. If you make any sort of petition for Jrock, give to us and we’ll feature it here like we did for Rentrer en Soi.

  9. I’m gonna think about it? and i’ll tel you on Wed. okay

  10. Since there is already a petition up for JRock to travel over to the east coast, I think there should be one for specific JBands that haven’t been allowed over here because they haven’t been a very popular band as long as Diru. Pansy companies should let them over, we love them.
    I vote for The GazettE, from what I hear they are the second most popular JRock band in America, right under Dir En Grey…Not only that, but I would do anything to see them if they did tour the U.S.

  11. Make it then, and make your own petition post for it k.

  12. I know it has been a long time since you put this up, but I barely found this place. AND THANK YOU! It was sooo visual…like I could picture it so well as if i was there! Thats as close as I’m going to get to them….T_T!

    by the way you should’ve still jumped on Die…it would’ve been a good night to go to jail… ;p *wink* *wink*

  13. I’m sure you’ll be able to see them one day! ^^

    I wish I jumped on him, but he looked so tired, and calm…I wanted to hug him and coo because it was cute, well, I’m a sucker like that, if I see people sitting on the ground with that look I can’t help but want to hug them…

    Wow, it has been 4 months today since I saw them, it is still so weird thinking, “Holy hell I was just a few feet away from them… omg I got to thank Die… Damn Toshiya and his spitty water flying on my face >.> <3”

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