SKIN; to the J-Music Community

SKIN; Gackt on vocals, Ju-ken on bass, Miyavi on guitar, Sugizo on bass/violin, and Yoshiki drums/piano. Now before anyone even thinks of writing off SKIN in the J-Music community, I have to ask, why? It’s SKIN’s first performance, and yes, it wasn’t the best, but I ask you, name one band that has majorly kicked ass and has done everything right on their first formation live concert date. On the blog Samehada did a PV with the Studs, I believe it was, and their PV was a bit shaky and they didn’t know how to act. You can’t rule out or wipe SKIN off the map because of one bad live.

Would you rule out a Dir en Grey song like Saku just because the lyrics ‘fuck off, fuck off and wipe’ because you don’t like the sound? I didn’t like it at first and here I am 7-8 months later typing this opinion to it.

I did not get to see SKIN perform, but that doesn’t mean you should stop reading either. Think about it.. Gackt’s vocals were raspy from the cam videos I’ve seen. Think about it.. Gackt has been doing Jpop vocals for more than 10 years now. Even in the days of Malice Mizer they were drawn out. If you listen to ‘Beast of Blood’ in the beginning you hear Klaha’s vibrato, it just comes natural to him, as it is to Gackt. Before anyone argues that Malice Mizer isn’t Jrock, I know. They were more like 80’s/early 90’s synth-wave. The thing is that SKIN is a new band. The sources of musical careers are different.

Yoshiki is ex-X-Japan drummer and avid piano player. Miyavi was the guitarist for Due le Quartz, then solo career. Ju-ken is from GacktJOB. Gackt is the former vocals of Malice Mizer, his solo career and then GacktJOB, plus the Moon Child movie with Hyde of L’Arc~en~Ciel. Sugizo is ex-bassist of Luna Sea and side project THE FLARE, he also did the violin work D’espairsRay in their song Marry of the Blood.

You have to remember that this career change is hard for Yoshiki since the death of Hide and how he said he would never play drums again. It’s a change for Gackt since he’s getting back to his Jrock roots. Before you throw away SKIN, before they show off their superiority, give it time.

~ by Raelynn on July 1, 2007.

18 Responses to “SKIN; to the J-Music Community”

  1. Rae, hon, I love ya, you said everything I felt perfectly.

    I just hope the people that chose to write SKIN off can absorb this, and realise that they shouldn’t be quick to judge, or quick to hate/dislike.

    These guys need time, give them a chance.

  2. Thanks. 🙂

  3. umm gackt doesn’t sing “Beast of Blood”

  4. and yeah just because off one crappy live doesn’t mean the end of it.

  5. Who sings in Beast of Blood?

  6. Klaha

  7. ^^ thanks I’ll fix that

  8. lol people thought it was a bad show? wow… people must have been waaay in the back or next to an extremely loud fangirl or SOMETHING. because i thought it was as amazing as it should have been. totally worth the four hour wait for me. but if people think it sucks, (which somehow i doubt, I met a person who went to the concert, had never heard of ANY of the members before, and didn’t listen to much japanese music in the first place, and he told me he was hooked for life, the band was amazing xD) then go ahead and let them think that, either they will hear more later, and feel like a dumbass for disowning an amazing band, or they honestly just don’t like the music (and should have given up their seats to a true fan anyways xP)

  9. Bad show? Where those people AT the concert or just viewing it from youTube? DO NOT JUDGE based on those videos. 🙂 That is not fair to them. They had an amazing perfomance and Gackt was awsome!! We were there and we thoroughly enjoy the performance. Our friends who never heard of any of them before bought t-shirts!!! They recruited NEW FANS!!!

  10. How much do you know about S.K.I.N. as a whole and the background info of the band members?

  11. I had a premier ticket at the concert and was sitting relatively close to the front. The concert was beautiful, so I can’t imagine anyone not liking it. I’m not sure what people are saying about it, but it WAS a debut concert, and no one had heard the songs before, so they can’t just play a whole bunch of random songs because no one knows them.

    I saw the videos on Youtube, but whoever took them was using VERY bad quality. Gackt’s voice at the concert was much clearer and smoother live than in the videos.

    Overall, there was nothing wrong with the concert other than the fact that it started two hours late. But that was only because they wanted the arena to look fuller for the video they were shooting.

    In my opinion, it was one of the best experiences I have ever had a concert. There was even a little fanservice (most of it including Miyavi =D) which made it very enjoyable. So really, I don’t know why people would say it was bad.

  12. So if this concert rocked, would you have the same things to say, or a bit more?

  13. I was there with my husband who knows nothing about Gackt except that I am crazy about him or Yoshiki, Sugizo, Miyavi, and Ju Ken. He liked it. It was my first concert ever and I am 65 and I loved it. It was full of electricity, and excitement. Of course it probably could have been better BUT it was their first concert together and I know they will analyze it, fine tune it and make it even better, but for a first concert it was GREAT for me I was thrilled and it will be a memory that will stay with me forever and I cant wait for the next Gackt/SKIN concert.

  14. 65? 😮 Wow, but its good you had fun!

  15. […] S.K.I.N.; To the Jrock Community […]

  16. I was at S.K.I.N.’s debut and I can honestly say that bootlegs do the performance no justice. True, it was delayed for three hours with a mere hour’s worth of concert action for compensation, but that single hour made up for it. Of course, their first concert was a little shaky, but let’s face it; if you’re in the presence of four J-rock legends (each in their own rite), are you really going to be focusing on the minor flaws?

  17. People will focus on everything.

  18. lowwwwwwwww

    welcom to amqi style

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