SKIN anime-con review and Youtube video

SKIN’s first show at anime-con wasn’t exactly great. Click here to read SKIN review at anime-con.




So as not to waste space with a second entry on the same thing:

I found a video on youtube of part of the first concert. It’s poor quality, but it lets us see kinda how it went, at least for one song.

You can see it here

I think, perhaps that the sound of the venue was bad, from what I heard of that song, I think it’ll sound great on an album. Also, I kinda like Gackt’s new look, you can see it on the screen behind them as they’re playing.


~ by Raelynn on June 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “SKIN anime-con review and Youtube video”

  1. That review made me emo, lol.

    I actually really liked the song, and not because of my fangirlish love for each individual member, but because there’s everything you need for a decent/kickass song. They need to work with their egos, take it down a notch, and play together in JRock harmony… Time and practice will indeed make them a super band.

    Everyone that doesn’t like them purely because it wasn’t a great first show—well, I’d like to see you give a perfect first gig, even if you are a pro musician the first won’t be great. I say give them a chance before writing them off completely.

  2. New bands always have shaky beginnings. Some of the band PV’s Sammeh posted (the Studs, I believe) had a PV where they were unsure how to act. Granted that a live performance and a PV is a music video that you can do re-takes of, but you get my point.

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