Jrock Top in the top 400

I’m sure by now everyone knows about Jabramusic.com’s top bands in the world. I’m sure all Jrock fans know that Dir en grey is currently #8. But what about some of the other bands?

Here’s a list of all the Japanese bands in the top 400.

#8 Dir en Grey

#42 Gazette

#58 gacktJOB

#83 Moi Dix Mois

#98 MUCC

#116 Despairs Ray

#133 Nightmare

#136 Malice Mizer

#150 D’espairs Ray (Yup, they’re on there twice)

#153 Ayabie

#173 X Japan

#182 Hyde

#206 Merry

#228 Asian Kung-Fu Generation

#298 Hide with Spread Beaver

#334 Kagerou

#367 SID

#385 12012

For such a huge list as it is, I’m proud of these guys that’ve made it so far up in the ranks. So go vote!! You can search for bands by alphabet, or by place number. I’ll be keeping this post updated…probably not daily…but I’ll update it so we can see if they move up any…votes do help! The second listing for D’espa was at 153 before I voted, and after was up three spaces.

Lets show the rest of the world that Japanese Bands rock!


~ by Samehada on June 25, 2007.

One Response to “Jrock Top in the top 400”

  1. Vote people, everyday!

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