Attention Cosplayers

For those of you that enjoy dressing up as your favourite JRocker, or those planning on doing so, or even those that want to develop their own style, I found a few make-up tutorials just for you. After all, cosplaying isn’t just about the clothes, you need the make-up and hair looking great too! ^__^ Due to size they will be links.

Note: I found the tutorials while browsing photobucket for Jrock images, I’ve seen many duplicates of these, so, whoever actually uploaded them onto the internet, cheers.

Jeeze, people are picky, yeah yeah, credit to Cure magazine for these, and any other magazine that may have made any tutorial I’ve put up. Maybe before assuming I’m claiming them as my own think of the possbilities, at the time I didn’t know anything, and figured people would understand that I wasn’t taking them as my own.

I do realise that looking at pictures is only helpful to an extent, a few weeks back Sammeh linked me to a youtube video of Kisaki having his make-up done, which led me to find others too.

Mind you, a lot of the JRocker make-up is to create the illusion of the “double lid,” if you don’t have a “single lid” like them, it is best if you revise, and manipulate the eye make-up to the shape, and folds of your own eyes…Practice makes perfect!

Edit: Thanks to Malice14 for the Myspace group.

JRock Make-Up group.

Happy Cosplaying!


~ by jrockadmin on June 24, 2007.

9 Responses to “Attention Cosplayers”

  1. Very nice tutorial Jenn.

  2. well theres a jrock make-up myspace group

    here’s a link

    J-Rock Make-Up

  3. Thanks. I’ll remind Jenn to update her post.

  4. omg The group leader is so cute ^__^…in a cheek pinching way.

    Thanks for the linkie, I’ll put that in the post right now.

  5. o this site is nice! ^-^

    my group is adv. here how nice too!

  6. Thank you. 🙂

  7. thanks for all the style council… but as a suggestion maybe you could label who’s in the articles?

  8. I love you! tanks!!I really needed it *-*

  9. Thanks so much for these. Very enlightening reading material. Also, in my opinion, it doesn’t matter at all where stuff came from; ego-maniacal credit-seeking people just make me laugh: everything should be shared with the world, does it really matter who made it as long as everyone can enjoy it?

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