Lolita Kisama International

 So I’ve added a new ‘support not steal’ store to the widget bar. This is not entirely a CD or music place, more of an ‘all-around’ store. Lolita Kisama International has everything from make-up to clothes. Normally I wouldn’t bother doing anything like this for a widget unless it was for translations, but its just really that cool. Some stuff I’ve been looking at:


jrock visual belt purse

 Belt Purse link


Pretty much the belt purse. I still have a large expanse of Lolita Kisama to explore.. but that is on the top of my wishlist. Check out Lolita Kisama International and see what you fancy.


The first .. Store for Visual Kei - Gothic Lolita Fashion


~ by Raelynn on June 21, 2007.

11 Responses to “Lolita Kisama International”

  1. Yay you discovered Lolita Kisama.I like it but some of their stuff gets out of stock pretty fast.Which reminds me to get a job to get money to spend on this website.

  2. I wants that belt purse. 😮 It calls for me!! Definitely going to get that post-birthday.

    && ~ Thankies!

  3. sure i like that purse too thats what i want along with some nosebands and a lot of stuff \”/(>_

  4. Yeah I like Kyo’s face mask.. minus the hat though. He can keep his wittle hat. XD

  5. i like the Le blanche Papillon the one with the butterfly

  6. Yeah that one is really nice. If I were to get one, I’d probably end up getting the one with the Chinese lettering on it.

  7. I fun talking to you but i have to go now bye. I’m gonna take my cello lessons. You can to me any time on myspace.

  8. i ment talk [my bad]

  9. Have fun and thank you!

  10. :emo: Everything I find that I think I shouldn’t post ends up being posted by you.

    I love the blood kanji bag.
    …I need a job.

  11. Jen. Jus post ti and I’ll filter it later.

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