Roach (Meet the band)


Band Members:
Guitar – kubocchi
Guitar – Masashi
Vocal – Ta-ma
Drum – Miaski
Bass – Katsuya

Roach releases their first debut album called “Mind of the Sun” this year. Roach played last year at the Danger Crue Tenka V event in December of 2006 making this debut album a most anticipated one. Their style of music is a combination of traditional Japanese vocal melodies with a slighty punk, and occasionally agressive rock. The album will contain twelve songs each ranging in their own stream and pace, but undoubtly making a wonderful debut album.

‘Mind of the Sun’ Track List:
1. Dandiga
2. Aoi sora -tada soredake no koto-
3. Daichi sansho
4. Hagane no ishi
5. Nijuu to Ni
6. Ware ima koko ni
7. Yarai
8. Concrete
9. Taiyou
10. Feel your pain
11. Momoiro no kaze
12. Haru to yume

Chelsea Hotel – 5/20
FM Osaka – 5/16, 5/30, 6/13, 7/11, 7/25 @ 9:35AM
‘Mind of the Sun’ soon available on itunes


Image: roach



Do you like this sort of content approach to new bands and/or bands that have disbanded, rebanded, or are still active? Please leave a comment with your answer, if you like the way this is done, more will be posted later. =)


~ by Raelynn on June 8, 2007.

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