NoGoD News

*shakes fist in the air*

From their OHP

After their live on July 24th, the guitarist Aki will leave NoGoD. Aki himself says that during the last six months NoGoD’s schedule has become hectic and a “gap” has formed between him and the other members regarding the direction of the band, and therefore he has decided to leave the band.

NoGoD will introduce a new guitarist at their live on July 28th at Shibuya O-EAST. “

Why is it, that just when I find a band and start to like them they either break up or loose members?

‘Tis a quandry…


~ by Samehada on June 1, 2007.

5 Responses to “NoGoD News”

  1. AKI!!! NU!!!!! @@

  2. is there like something in the water over in japan? the drummer of megamasso is leaving also just when i finally start listening to them. 😦

  3. I think they plan this sometimes @@

  4. I hadn’t heard about the drummer of megamasso…

    …I discovered them the same day I discovered NoGoD.

    I think I cursed them…lol!

  5. Yeah, I got into Megamasso a few months ago, and then I found out that Yuta, the drummer is leaving, 😦
    I love Megamasso, it’s one of my favorite bands!
    Why does this always happen?! Darn it!

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