J-Rock Revolution this weekend…

And I hate all of you that get to go.

Just kidding…lol.

This week, in honor of that I’ve got an upload from each band performing.

Friday night the performers are:

Kagrra, (Shizuku)

Miyavi (Miyaviuta ~Dokuso~)

Vidoll (v.i.d. -very important doll-)

Duel Jewel (Life On)

alice nine. (Jewels)

And on Saturday

MUCC (Libra)

Merry (blind romance – saihate no Parade)

D’espairs Ray (Mirror)

girugamesh (13’s Reborn)

Truthfully, if I could have my choice I’d go the second night…all of the bands on Saturday are obsession types for me. Though I love the bands on Friday too.

Have fun if you get to go. Show them all our love, and make them want to come back!!


~ by Samehada on May 24, 2007.

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