JCAST/ Miyavi

There is a DJ, and well then only DJ that I can find on itunes that does a Japanese music podcast of both Jrock and Jpop. He’s the best, evar! Anyways… Minagoroshi has a blog now since I can never remember the podcast link. Click here to go to J-type. Sammeh aka Samehada would listen to him, but neither me or her has the patience for sending the podcast over msn and she doesn’t have an iPod, so she can’t really here the greatness of JCAST. Yeah.. moving back to the subject here before she tries to suffocate me with her boobs.

Miyavi… about Miyavi… well for one Miyavi is the cutest person in the world right before Kyo, but not after Bou. I was listening to some more of Miyavi’s songs on the drive home and I don’t.. well rather see him playing in songs like Ippiki Ookami Ron mainly because it doesn’t seem like his style to me. Ippiki Ookami Ron is a song I would see D’espairsRay+ or Kagrra singing/playing.

Listening to it now I think that even more. It’s just not the right style for him to me.


~ by Raelynn on May 14, 2007.

4 Responses to “JCAST/ Miyavi”

  1. I sooo agree with you about the song. I would rather hear Kagrra or D’espairsRay sing it. But Miyavi is a great singer and I would rather him sing what he wants. Tho now Miyavi had joined with Gackt and some others to make the best band ever.


    You should really hear the band.
    They should be releasing a single soon but i dont know when.
    They are the greates new Jrock band out (at least right now) and if you love Miyavi and Gackt then you know it had got to be good.

  2. We know. (about the second half)

  3. im back and im not black

  4. I have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

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