Asagi–Corvinus and Merry–Blind Romance/Saihate no PARADE

Both of these bands are ones that I didn’t listen to until recently. (as usual, click on the album name below to dl)



Corvinus Cover

Though Corvinus sounds much like any other D release, it still sounds good. Asagi’s vocals stand out, and work well with the drums and guitars that drive the song, and the lyrics are beautiful and poetic as we’d expect.

Unknown, the second track on the single has some great guitar and drum work, and Asagi’s voice is clear and concise, much as we’ve come to expect.

Over all, I love this single, though I would’ve liked to hear something not so…D-like…out of Asagi’s first solo.


Merry–Blind Romance/Saihate no PARADE

A Cover B Cover C cover

I love this single.

I only recently became aquainted with merry, and this was the first single I heard from them, and Saihate no parade has been on every single playlist since.

I do agree with go from Jrocknyc though. The guitar solo on Saihate sounds like someone moved the guitar frets around.

The PV’s.

Since I’m lazy, I’m going to link the PV’s for the singles from YouTube.


Let me just say, wow. I love Asagi with wings. But dude in the back…with the beer belly…wear a shirt and save the fangirls eyesight next time, eh?

Merry–Blind Romance

I love this one. Of course, I bet a million fan girls screamed when he put his arm around that dancer. And just where *did* he put his hand at 3:31? And watch for Nero’s flying glasses at 3:21.

Merry–Saihate no Parade

Great vid. I love Nero’s drum face lol.


~ by Samehada on May 14, 2007.

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