Song Reviews

Aho Matsuri by Miyavi;The whole song of Aho Matsuri reminds me of one of those songs that sound somewhat like a club mix. It’s very upbeat in it’s BPM. The mini videos for Aho Matsuri that I have seen is Miyavi showing what seems to be dance moves with two back-up dancers in the background, along with his own commentary in the foreground.

Ain’t Afraid to Die && Ain’t Afraid to Die ~with frosted ambience by Dir en Grey;

Firstly, Ain’t Afraid to Die without the ambience sounds like that of a well sounded studio song. Kyo’s vocals are drawn out almost perfectly for Ain’t Afraid to Die and I feel like it leaves a sort of impression that you shouldn’t be afraid to die no matter what.

Secondly, Ain’t Afraid to Die ~with frosted ambience sounds like Kaoru got bored in the studio while the others were writing and decided to mix the song. Ain’t Afraid to Die ~with frosted ambience sounds like one of those that you’d think would be heard on the beach, but in reality, no. The beginning orchestra is very mellow-dramatic to the slightly upbeat ambience sound. The children in the back vocal ground sound out of place in Ain’t Afraid to Die ~with frosted ambience as well as Kyo’s voice.

Anti-Pop by The GazettE;

Anti-Pop begins with this almost street side jazz side, sort of realxing the person into thinking it will be a jazz rendition, but suddenly around 00:34 seconds the song turns into a more hand rock sound that I’m used to hearing with The GazettE. Over all they were being a little sneaky in the beginning with the jazz sound, but the quickly pick up ground after 00:34.

Beast of Blood by Malice Mizer;

Typical sounding Malice Mizer of the times for them. It’s very ambience/techno sounding in the beginning then fading into the alternative rock, but keeping the organ/techno sound in the background all through out Beast of Blood. Kami also does a really good job on the drums in this song and bless his heart.

Boys be Suspicious by Nightmare;

For such a small and perverted little man Yomi has really good vocals despite his appearance. He follows through with the notes of the song with the beats being played. The drums aka Ruka is very much present through out the song, it seems to be louder than most of the band combined. Boys be Suspicious  isn’t my favorite song of Nightmare, but it’s a nice picker-upper when I have boring homework to do.

Gekiai Merry Go Round by Psycho le Cemu;

The Japanese ‘dun dun dun’ version seems to start off Gekiai Merry Go Round  followed a beautifully sounding vocal of Daishi (I’m guessing the same Daishi from ex-Amaterase(u)) continues the song into a nice flow of techno beats and impressive vocals to keep the person interested in the song.

Gothic by +D’espairsRay+;

Gothic,  I actually don’t like this song by +D’espairsRay+. It’s just a bit too slow for my tastes, but that doesn’t mean that Hizumi doesn’t perform well vocally in the song.

Gothikaroid by Vidoll;

I actually didn’t like this song when I first heard it. It reminded me of something to far punk or trying to hard to song punk. I still don’t like the song some 2 months later, but it still hasn’t been taken off my iPod since I got the song, so there is still room for change.

 Icy Cold City by 12012;

Another song that isn’t exactly my favorite. It starts off really strained vocals and then dips into the slow vocal like Gothic does. Just the constant changing of the vocal pitch doesn’t do it for me for this 12012 song.

Maple Gunman by Antique Cafe;

If you have seen the video for Maple Gunman you’ll understand why I smile everytime I hear this song. The chorus, also, is very catchy as the song preceeds you can get this bouncy sort of club action/process from it. I also get the feeling of repeating the hand motions of the video during the chorus. Bang, bang.

Metamorphoze by Gackt;

If I’m not mistaken this song was made for a Gundam Wing series. If not, clear that up for me will you? Gackt has and always seems to be really well vocally equipped, not to mention body wise, but this is about song review not how toned Gackt-sama’s body is. Stop oogling, you’ll never get him. Any way Gackt’s vocals, like that of Rain pan out very nicely during the chorus as the rest of the song. Despite his age, Gackt still performs very well.

Pink Spider by hide with Spread Beaver;

This song was the last song that was produced following hide’s sudden death in 1998. The video has a woman jumping off the side of a building to her death, but despite the images I just gave you, hide in his final songs kept his true talent in place and this song makes me shiver knowing such an artist left the world so aburtly, but left such an impression, especially in this song, that it continues to be very well versed work.

Seven by Hyde and Gackt;

Two talented vocalists performing in the same song. I actually can’t tell where Hyde ends and Gackt begins, but I guess that is a good thing, or just morning density. Either way the song presents Gackt’s feel of music and Hyde’s powerful vocal cord like that of L’Arc~en~Ciel.

The Rain Leaves A Scar by L’Arc~en~Ciel;

Again a song that could eventually grow on me, but for now it remains a song I’ve not fond or loving at the current time. I have seen a few concert videos of Hyde and Tetsu, Hyde looks good with long hair.

I For You by Luna Sea;

This is the part where Sugzio comes into play with his unique sound and talent. Sugizo, now almost 40, still has the talent like he did during Marry of the Blood  that he did with +D’espairsRay+.

Shinsou by MUCC;

Sadly this song is only intrumental and it’s the only song I have of MUCC. I can’t give a proper review without vocals and lyrics. 😦

That concludes the song review for this round, more next time. ^^


~ by Raelynn on May 9, 2007.

8 Responses to “Song Reviews”

  1. Keke, different Daishi in PLC then in Amaterasu.

    Daishi in PLC is much hotter 😀

    I’ve not heard some of those songs…You should send them to me. 😀
    (I really want to use hexmotes….)

  2. regarding MALICE MIZER..
    Kami was dead by the time they released Beast of Blood.
    & Beast of Blood does not sound like techno in the beginning. The metallic like keyboard sounding instrument is a harpsichord.

  3. Your opinion dear. Kami still deserves regard for the fact he was with Malice Mizer.

  4. Hello, I got here tag surfing for “Gackt”.^^ I’m curious about the song “Seven” by Gackt and Hyde. I’ve never heard of it. The only Hyde and Gackt that I know of is Orenji no Taiyou. Could you kindly point me to a download, I really want to listen to it?:) Thanks in advance.

  5. ahhhh thanks… ill make sure to check out dir en grey, gazette, and nightmare. Heres a quick question… y do people like some of the messed up songs dir en grey compose like obscure and saku?? jw…

  6. Its more of the humor of it I guess. Saku’s lyrics are ‘dick men, fuck off, fuck off, and wipe’. I guess its something that you would just never see in American lyrics.

  7. Since Obscure is a song I love, and being the first Diru song I listened to and watched, it has a special place in my heart, I’ll answer that.

    True it’s “messed up,” concerning the lyrics, and the actual video, that’s what most people love about it.

    Diru kicks the overly censored/conservative countries in the teeth. I think the only way the Obscure [completely uncut] video would’ve been thought up, and actually made is if it was a rated XXX horror/porno movie. No one ever seems to make a video with women licking what looks like a mechanical penis, the women having said penis snaking it’s way inside, to be accompanied by blood pouring out of their mouths, one of the weirdest [fake] orgies I have seen. Same with the woman sliced into pieces on the table that is reconnected… Or each band member doing something strange, one with tentacles coming out of his mouth, looking like some beast from hell, another ripping out his own heart, one pushing a spike through his head. The list goes on and on, it’s just something you don’t see, you don’t see women chomping down on baby heads, you don’t see creepy orgies [unless there’s some in the porno section], it’s like a middle finger to any traditional/conservative society. I feel dirty watching it, yet I want to watch it again, I want to listen again..

    Basically, what Rae said about lyrics, it’s something you wouldn’t hear or see here, or anywhere for that matter…That and the “messed up” songs just sound awesome. 😛

    I guess you could say Diru have balls, and many middle fingers to throw up in the air.

  8. As a whole Dir en Grey is a five finger fuck off unit to traditionally conservative.

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