• This disc starts on a heavy note. The song Damned is absolutely fast and heavy…is it just me or does Karyu sound much improved here? Hizumi uses his vocal range very well in this song, and it carries over nicely into the next track.
  • Trickstar (or TRICKSTeR) is easily my favorite song on the entire album. I love the way the chorus fights with the rest of the song for attention. Again Karyu’s guitar work is excellent, and Zero’s bass line shines through. Tsukasa has his moments as well. This is the song I’ve kept on repeat for hours at a time.
  • Mirror is up next, and is a pretty good song. Though, honestly again, the chorus is the highlight of the song. I think that in this case the female backing vocals detract from the song, and I could’ve done without them all together.
  • Next is Sixty Nine. I really like this song. It’s fun and catchy. Naughty naughty Hizumi! Like in the previous song, the female vocal track almost detracts from the naughtyness.
  • Kogoeru yoru ni saita hana is the fifth track on the album, and though I’ve heard lots of people say it sounds remastered, I don’t hear a difference at all between the album version and the single version. This song is good…but kinda bleh…it feels kinda thrown in at the last minute.
  • The remake of Screen is next. All I can say about it is Wow. I love this song. It was good as the single…but it’s even better, and sounds even more emotional then before.
  • LOST SCENE is the next…and it’s good…but one of those that I skip over half the time.
  • Hollow took me a while to get used to. I honestly wasn’t into the…almost…boppy sounding chorus. But eventually it grew on me…and now I find my foot tapping almost every time it comes on.
  • Closer to Ideal was one of my favorite singles…and it rocks when put with the rest of the album. I love the scream that it opens with.
  • ANGELDUST is one of the most original sounds on the whole album. I love this song, and the deep harmonies and growls just add to it.
  • Squall. Meh. I didn’t really like it as a single, and I don’t really like it now. The best I can say is that it flows well as the follow up to ANGELDUST.
  • KALEIDOSCOPE is a pretty good song, and has some great guitar work by Karyu.
  • All in all, I love this album. It’s one of my new favorites, and has been in every play list I’ve made.

    Rating (out of 10) 9


~ by Samehada on May 9, 2007.

One Response to “D’espairsRay+–Mirror”

  1. oh d’espairsRay i totally luv u guys so much and i them in taste of chaos i totally got a hug from all of them and an autograph.

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