Weekly album Reviews…

I am moving my album reviews from my site to here. The one that I did a few weeks ago, D’espairsRay Mirror will be moved here sometime soon Done. See latest post.

Lets get started shall we?

I will be featuring weekly album reviews and uploads (all uploads will be in .rar format, uploaded on Megaupload). Some of the reviews might be on new albums; some might be reviewing old ones. It all depends on what I’ve been into that week.

There will be some formal reviews, done on a song by song basis; others will be on albums as a whole. All depends on my writing style for the week.

Since I’ve been a bad girl, and not kept up with this like I said I would, today I’ll be reviewing three albums.



Nightmare—The WORLD Ruler

When I heard/saw Nightmare for the first time it was the PV for the song Gianism Shichi. I hated it. I hated them. I thought they were silly, and their guitarist was freakish (which is pretty funny considering how big a Kyo fangirl I am…and we all know how freakish he can be).

I decided to get The WORLD Ruler and give it a shot, mainly because I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in Japanese music…that some songs are really horrid on their own, but when put in context with the rest of their album they make sense. So I listened. I looked them up and read more about them, and soon I was hooked…not only that…Hitsugi is my favorite member now.

The WORLD Ruler is a great album. It’s different from some of their older stuff, but I like the mix of slow and fast, and I love the guitar play and Yomi’s vocals.

~lulu~ and Gianism Shichi are among my favorites on the whole album.


12012 –Play DOLLs

I love Wataru’s voice.

His is easily one of the most…striking…voices in Japanese music at the moment.

This album is wonderful, and I love icy ~cold city~. Sometimes the rhythms are a bit…over used, but overall, this is definitely not a waste of time to listen to.

I can’t wait for the next “Chapter” in 12012’s music…their next single is due out 13 June.


Moi dix Mois

Moi dix mois—DIXANADU

I should start by saying that I normally can’t stand Mana. At all.

I’ve never really listened to M10M, for fear that it would cause my brain to explode or rot. But I decided on a whim to try out Dixanadu, and I am shocked.

I like this. I like it a lot.

It has enough pseudo pageantry and drama to…feel…like Mana. But the music is good and solid.

I can’t say that I’ll listen to it on repeat for hours on end, but I definitely won’t skip it should it come on shuffle.

~ by Samehada on May 8, 2007.

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