Top 5

I got to thinking today about my top 5 artists…overall, and individual instruments.Thats tough. But I would have to say:Top 5 Bands (based on personal favorites)

  1. Dir en grey– I’m not into them much anymore…but they’re the whole reason I love Jrock as much as I do. They will be number one forever.
  2. The Gazette– For many of the same reasons as above. They were the second Jrock band I ever heard, and their songs bring back many memories.
  3. D’espairsRay–Hizumi’s was the first voice that ever made my jaw drop.
  4. Miyavi–I love his style. He doesn’t have the best voice, but his lyrics and skill with a guitar more then make up for it.
  5. Nightmare–I find it odd that they would be here. The first song I ever heard by them I hated. I remember telling my best friend that their guitarist was a freakish looking man. But now I adore him, and I love their music. They’re one of the reasons I’ve stuck with j rock as long as I have.

Top 5 Vocalists (by vocal talent, imo, of course)

  1. Asagi (D)–My god. That man’s falsetto beats my pure alto any day.
  2. Yomi (Nightmare)– For such a small man he has a beautiful voice.
  3. Gackt-His voice amazes me. It sounds like velvet.
  4. Toshi (X)–Just…wow. His voice always blows me away.
  5. Hizumi (D’espa)–As I said before, my jaw dropped the first time I heard “Marry of the Blood”. I was astounded. I have no idea what it is about his voice…but I love it all the same.
  6. Wataru (12012)–He deserves to be here. Even if it is only supposed to be top 5. His voice amazes me. He easily has one of the most distinguishable voices in jrock.

Top 5 guitarists (by talent, imo, of course)

  1. Miyavi–He makes the instrument sing in ways I haven’t heard before. Don’t believe me? Listen to Jikoai, Jiga Jisan, Jiishiki Kajo.
  2. Sakito (nighmare)–I like his style. He has such a cool air about him, and makes playing look effortless.
  3. Daishi (ex-amaterase)–I love the middle eastern sounds he plays so often.
  4. Hide–Despite all the hype over him, he really was a damn good guitarist.
  5. Kaoru (dir en grey)–Though most of their songs have been plain as far as guitar works goes lately, he really is a great guitarist. I miss the solos.

Top 5 bassists. (by talent, imo, of course)

  1. Toshiya (dir en grey)–Good lord. He really is outstanding.
  2. Shuu (girugamesh)–For a young bassist, he does really well. I can’t wait to see him in 5 years.
  3. Rame (Vidoll)–He might be cute…but he can play.
  4. YUKKE (MUCC)–Subtle. Understated.
  5. This space left open while I consider.
  6. #5 Should be Reita (The GazettE)–Pretty good solos, overall great sound, even when drowned out by everything else.

Top 5 drummers (by talent, imo, of course)

  1. Yoshiki–Some of his drum lines astound me.
  2. Shinya (dir en grey)–Though he uses some of the same rhythms over and over…he has a few serious gems (Obscure, anyone?)
  3. Hiroki (D)–He is easily in the 3rd spot, if not higher.
  4. Left open while I consider
  5. ” “


~ by Samehada on May 1, 2007.

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